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        Xin'an Sub-district Office Set Up International Talent Service Station

        發布時間:2022-06-22 | 瀏覽次數:898

        Aiming at the overall goal of building Bao'an District into a "world-class advanced manufacturing city, an international bay area costal city, and a high-quality happy city for people's livelihood", and constructing a comprehensive talent service system, Xin'an Subdistrict, as the first "International Talent Block Creation Point" in Shenzhen, launched the international talent block in accordance with the "Evaluation Guide for International Talent Blocks" of the organizing department of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee. With TalentLink professional consultants from Shenzhen Foreign Service Group Co., Ltd, a subsidiary from Shenzhen Talent Group, the service station provides " Full Scenario Services", which not only makes a new exploration and practice for the construction of international talent blocks, but also allows more enterprises and international talents to feel the "warmth of Xin'an".


        The international talent consultants provide bilingual one-to-one specialized consultation service for expats. The consultation service includes, but not limited to, work permit, high-end talent confirmation letter, visa, residence permit, Individual Income Tax subsidies for foreign high-end talents, social insurance, individual income tax, Chinese permanent residence permit, Change for Chinese driving license, etc.

        The International Talent Service Station not only allows companies and international talents in the district to access tailored services offline, but they can also download TalentLink App and reach services such as government service guidance and event notifications from the district.

        Following supporting services are available: notarization, consulate authentication, high-end commercial insurance, translation, financial service, children's education, international moving service, Chinese language training, hotel reservation, logistics service, community integration, legal service, etc.

        Service station address: 3rd Floor, Administrative Service Hall, Xin'an Sub-district Office, No. 8, 202, Baomin No.1 Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

        Enterprises and expats can make an appointment for free offline consultation by scanning the following QR code.


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